It’s hard to put down your phone after you start playing this game.

Ever been bored and needed something to stimulate your mind? Worked your way through all the games on the playstore and still looking for something that actually challenges you? Like to keep your reflexes sharp? We’ve got just the game for you- The WORST game!

For all those miserable souls who feel normal phone games are too easy, this game will match them step for step. You need extra sharp reflexes to achieve a high score here. Challenge your friends and really know who has the sharpest mind. The Worst Game will keep you glued to your phone for hours trying to beat this game and get a higher score.

The Worst Game has tons of featured which make your game time an ultrafine experience:
- Smooth controls and interactive user interface
- Colourful backgrounds and pleasant musical score which can also be turned off

The game focuses on avoiding obstacles and reaching the rainbow end. Jump over the obstacles by tapping on the screen but make sure you tap fast as the game goes really fast.

Don't waste your time on easy games- Download The Worst Game now!